Our puppies just finished their 4th year in the pheasant fields.

  • 2008: flushed 92 pheasant
  • 2009: flushed 102 pheasant
  • 2010: flushed 105 pheasant
  • 2011: flushed 127 pheasant

They just keep getting better and they have not lost a down bird in 4 years. You did a good job.

Bob (owner of 2 males from our first litter in 2007), November 2011

It has been a while since I have given you an update on Cash. She is still doing very well. This last season she had her first opportunity at duck hunting and wild pheasant and though she did very well with ducks I could see her true passion was upland hunting, just not enough action this year in the duck blind for her or for me. Anyhow, this last season we hunted in Oregon and California hunting Pheasant, Quail, and Ducks. As usual Cash received several complements – one from a guide that has been guiding for over 20+ years. He stated that she was one of the top 5 dogs he has seen over his career, high complements. This coming season we have a trip to Oregon, Wyoming, and South Dakota and we are both really looking forward it.

As for the off-season, we are still doing the hunt test thing and she has earned her Intermediate title in NAHRA this last March. She is now 12 for 12 in hunt tests. We will see now we do in the Senior class later this year.

Well, that is it for now. As you can tell we really enjoy having Cash as part of our family.

Ron, June 2012

I thought you might like to see Lucky’s first official therapy dog visit to an assisted living facility yesterday. She did so well! She is a natural. : ) Everyone commented on her soft fur and gentle disposition. Thanks again for a GREAT dog!!

Debbie (Family Psychologist—who uses Lucky as a therapy dog in counseling sessions), May 2012

Chloe is doing great. She has been a blessing to our family. She is sooooo people-oriented and so willing to please, not to mention a beautiful dog. She also has a really great nose and I’ve started some hunt training with her that is going very well. She can always find the pheasant wings hidden in the field by our house. We took her through a training course where we learned clicker training and she learns so fast. I will let people know that you will have pups available soon. My dad and brother might be interested. Thanks so much for the puppy!

Matt (Veterinarian and puppy owner), March 2012

Kacey has graduated from the puppy classes successfully, his next class (Fun and Focus) starts in early December.  He is so well behaved when working/training but still gets REALLY excited around other dogs and people.  With people he calms down really quickly and will just sit or lay down while we chat.  We took him to a friends Halloween party where he had an encounter with a baby that just loved him! Kacey just nuzzled the baby and was so gentle. Kacey is a very patient and sweet guy, just an old soul.  I never thought a pup could be so calm.  One of his favorite things to do is lay next to us on the floor and chew on one of his toys!  His personality reminds me of Kali, loving and sweet.  He is a very good canine citizen, as well.  That was something I hoped would happen and with work and patience, it has!

There aren’t enough words to describe how much joy Kacey has brought in to our lives, thank you for providing him with a great beginning.  And great bloodlines!
Many times when we are out on the trails or in the park, we’ve gotten complements on Kacey. Earlier this week we were asked where we got him, so I told the woman about Family Yellow Labs.

Kristin & Joel, November 2015

Wow, how time flies! Sam is 6mo. old now and growing like a weed. He is 22″ tall and weighs 50 lbs. and has the sweetest dark brown eyes and curious expression. He is an adorable extrovert who loves people and other animals. He’s a little snuggler just like his mom, Kali. The girls around here think he’s so handsome and just love his little zipper, but oh do they spoil him something terrible! He’s got great energy and has taken to ranch life just like a lab to water. He thinks it’s all his and he wants to explore every inch of it, so curious he is about everything. He’s had a couple close calls with the local skunks, so far he’s been a little bit faster, but I’m afraid its only a matter of time. Oh, the joys of a new puppy!

Sam’s been working on his ABC’s and his meet and greet skills, and Melanie is excited to start on his therapy training this next month. He seems to be the kind of dog who could do just about anything, and I know he’ll bring a lot of joy to the seniors, but I’m somewhat reluctant to give up the puppy just yet.

I want to thank Family Yellow Labs, the girls, and your crew for all the love and care you take bringing your pups into this world. We are so happy we found you and Kali and our little boy, Sam.

Phil & Melanie, December 2015